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Show Me Your Life is an international online art program, peer-mentored by residents of Smash Street. Male adolescents with HIV/AIDS also at risk for psychological, neurological, and developmental disabilities due to sexual abuse, gang violence, addiction, human trafficking, and cyclical prostitution. The boys are reached and educated through painting, music, photography, video, film, dance, poetry, mentoring, and intensive counseling. Students are provided with a camera and work through Show Me Your Life to acquire art and video skills. In doing so, they are also examining the dynamics of their lives and how art becomes a sharing, too. A bearing witness. At-risk does not mean we will remain invisible. We were here.

"My Teacher Says I Have No Brain" by Erik

Trahisons dans la salle by Logan

J’aide à prendre des décisions créatives. Je fournis les outils et parfois les images. Je suis seulement un guide. Je suis l’ombre dans le fond. Mais l’histoire appartient à la personne qui a fait adapter tout. Je pourrais vous aider à photographier l’histoire. Mais ce n’est pas ma vie. La vie appartient à la personne qui la vivent.

At one level of the exposure, you are being you. At another level of the transparency where light can only bounce, you are watching you. With eyes as dark as space and all the burning of the suns. Light just curves depending on the gravitas. You with those strong arms telling me to come home. Against my breast, the stories of a million lives.

Poésie par Logan

Je suis accro à la violence. Je suis accro à l’Internet.

Je suis accro à l’obscurité. Je suis accro à la folie.

Je suis accro à la drogue. Les trahisons et les crimes contre l’auto.

J’ai aimé un garçon qui m’a trahi. Je suis accro à l’idée de me tuer.

Je suis accro au sang et à la beauté. Je suis accro à l’agonie. Les monstres vivent dans mon cerveau.

Je vais les gratter. Je suis accro à ce poème. Je suis accro à la danse doucement à travers la musique. 

Je suis accro à mes rêves.

The Kid's On Fire by Dannyboy

Make no mistake about it, the kid’s on fire. The other junkies call him Dannyboy. The kid has major learning disabilities. I doubt that he has written a sentence in his life. His video is short, but it’s all the attention span he has. I don’t treat junkies. My job is to facilitate kids at-risk in expressing themselves. I met Dannyboy when I was visiting Los Angeles and staying at the Alta Cienega Motel in West Hollywood, where Danny was living with other night creatures of his kind. No parents. No school. Danny deals drugs, and he’s a thief. The only difference between the Danny then and the Danny now is the cough. I suspect tuberculosis. There has to be something redeeming about this kid. Even if you have to turn over boulders the size of mountains to find it. Danny’s into sports. Even if he does attend most sports events either high on meth or zombied out on heroin. I do not know Danny’s world. I did not know that Danny could focus his head around images that are mainly of the spectators at any given game. He’s curious. But there is something off about the speeds at which the neurological connections here are made. You can put any kind of moral on this story that you want. It’s still Dannyboy who is living it.

La danse est ma vie. J’habite à Laâyoune. Je suis un danseur. by Sager

Sexualized violence against men and boys – including rape, sexual torture, mutilation of the genitals, sexual humiliation, sexual enslavement, forced incest and forced rape – has been reported in 25 armed conflicts across the world. If cases of sexual exploitation of boys displaced by violent conflict are also included the list encompasses the majority of 59 armed conflicts identified in the Human Security Report.

Disclosure is challenged in contexts where homosexual activity attracts social and legal penalties. Yet, sexualized violence is not being inflicted by armies of homosexual males (in the colloquial contemporary sense of a consenting adult male). The vast majority of male perpetrators frequently engage in sexual activities with their wives and girlfriends, and some with other men who have sex with other men who have sex with other women.

Male-directed sexual violence is a mechanism by which men and boys are placed or kept in a position subordinate to other men. Localities that condone male-directed sexual violence make men and boys reluctant to report this exercise in power and humiliation.

A boy subjected to sexualized violence does not feel safe to disclose.

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